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Royal Navy Ships

HMS Bulwark is the current Flag Ship
Although the UK has a proud naval heritage the Royal Navy has long been under the microscope as far as manning and royal navy ships are concerned.

However, with the 2010 SDSR (Strategic Defence Review) and the 2004 White Paper, Delivering Security in a Changing World, there are signs that Royal Navy ships will be severely reduced to a smaller and more capable fleet (arguably reducing the quantity of royal navy careers too...) with the most modest naval procurement programme since the end of WWII.

Part of this procurement programme is the provision of two 65,000 ton Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales, scheduled to enter service in 2014 and 2016 respectively.

In 2002 the surface fleet of the Royal Navy was reorganised into two flotillas, one each at the naval bases of Portsmouth and Plymouth. The vessels listed below make up the flotillas and other naval organisations with the Royal Navy.

Royal Navy Ships

The Royal Navy has a long heritage: It's History

See our Short History of the Royal Navy and Aircraft Carriers of the Royal Navy

Aircraft Carriers
HMS Illustrious

Assault Ships
HMS Ocean
HMS Albion
HMS Bulwark

Type 22 Frigates
Type 23 Frigates
Type 26 (FSC) Frigates

Type 42 Destroyers
Type 45 Destroyers

HM Submarines
Vanguard Class SSBN
Trafalgar Class SSN
Astute Class SSN

Naval Air Squadrons
Royal Navy Non-Commissioned Rating Structure

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