Monday, February 27, 2012

NHS Help? Think Twice before Serving in the Armed Forces

What happened to David Cameron's promise on delivering the Armed Forces Covenant?

We now learn that the North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust has decided that disabled war veterans will have to pay to park their cars while attending appointments – BUT – those living on benefits will NOT be charged.

Makes you proud to be British doesn't it? Yet another example, to join the current 100's, of how well we treat our Armed Forces Veterans in this country.

Irony aside, it is appalling. What is happening in this country? It look like an agenda from somewhere to maltreat our military in the worst possible way in desperation at the Hartlepool Trust having neither the courage nor the political will to challenge the current status quo. Why not charge those on Income support? If they need to raise funds there are other ways of doing it. To target veterans is abhorrent. Armed Forces personnel pay their taxes like everyone else so they should also receive at least free parking in view of their service.

It makes one wonder how one'll be treated years after any service. Like the scrapping of the winter cold payments and the TV licence for over 75's, our pensioners are being attacked left, right, and centre.

So much for the Armed Forces Covenant...

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  1. The Armed forces in Britain has always faced challenges by any government in power. Every thing we ask for is either denied or given with malice by the MOD suits in whitehall and largely by politicians to who are too busy lining their own pockets.

    Lloyd George Liberal Leader after WW1 stated "England must be a country fit for heroes" I like many other soldiers have never seen it? I served on and off over 26 years in both Army and RAF and served in Kuwait/Iraq on Op Telic and have Gulfwar syndrome which has affected my life greatly. Even now I dont want anything from the government as I would rather still be serving in the Army I love but I cant as the MOD through injections has ruined my life!!!

    If I want an Army pension I still have to fight and prove my case as the MOD who know full well we are sick deny us because they can !