Friday, February 24, 2012

Can we not for a change keep our noses out of Syria?

We never learn...
The question on everyone's lips is Syria. Have we not learned lessons from our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? These are expensive ventures for the taxpayer. In all fairness we are economically not up for this fight, despite what internationalists and the UN and the EU tell us.

No one wants to see more heart broken bereaved families losing sons in a Syrian campaign; and if there's any fighting to be done, we must put British interests first, which means defending the Falklands.

Yes, we all know the Armed Forces do their duty when called upon. Nobody is questioning their power and bravery; time and again the British have shown it and are a great example to the global community. However, the Armed Forces do not take political decisions - the Commons and Executive do. Both are fallible and sometimes take the wrong decisions. Let's not have another War like the Iraqi one after innocent Brits were needlessly killed. The Syrians are much better trained and equipped than Afghans, Libyans and Iraqis.

We kid you not.

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