Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Why did Bin Ladin live in Pakistan?

We all know about Pakistan but all for the wrong reasons, not to mention our war inside its nearest neighbour - there are a million British living in the UK of Pakistani origin whom remind us that in recent years the name Pakistan has become deeply synonymous with Islam and terrorism. It's a country now synonymous with Bin Laden as well.

It now turns out that Pakistani authorities knew that he was living there in relative comfort. They've always denied it of course. Since the attack, carried out on 2nd May 2011, Pakistani leaders continue to deny any knowledge that Bin Laden was living in Abbottabad – despite revelations that he ‘had been hiding there for at least five years.’

Why on earth did Osama Bin Laden choose to live in Pakistan of all places?

It's not a great country to live in - it assassinates its own politicians; stones women to death; geographically sits in a flood basin and is arguably overpopulated which compels a public spending deficit. It's NUCLEAR defence budget is extraordinarily larger than its education budget. It's a country with several territorial disputes; its northern regions has been overrun by militant Islamists. Security is poor. The last few British Pakistanis to visit have either been kidnapped or murdered in so called 'Honour Killings', and the country is crawling with Islamists trying to get into the United Kingdom. Even the Pakistani Cricket Team (that has a deserved reputation for match-fixing) dare not play its matches there which is a shame for its people as Pakistan is a very sporty nation.

NO wonder when Bin Laden was found at his compound in Abbottabad, he had surrounded himself with Western pleasures.

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