Friday, March 16, 2012

It's the ECHR that needs reforming from the inside

Britain leaving the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and creating its own Bill of Rights (The Conservatives have a commitment on this policy) may not be the right move forward for future generations.

ECHR is out of date. That's for sure. When the victim's rights are ignored in favour of the criminal something is wrong. One only has to remember illegal immigrant Mohammed Ibrahim who killed Amy Houston, whom should have been deported but wasn't; not to mention the farce over Abu Qadata. The list is endless.

However, now that hundreds of ex-servicemen exposed to radiation in British nuclear weapons tests have lost a Supreme Court bid to launch damages claims against the MoD, it means they can take their case to the ECHR.

If we pulled out of it, the sailors would have no chance.

The ECHR has done some good though - not to forget the old couple whom had never been apart were placed in different care homes by their local council but took their case to the ECHR and won; or the cancer patients refused drug treatment by the NHS also won their ECHR case.

It's the ECHR that needs reforming from the inside. It was created from declarations written in 1949; it's out of date.

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