Thursday, July 7, 2011

The British Armed Forces has a long tradition of custom, pagentry, and history.

Trooping the Colour
Like it or not, the naval and military services are bound up in the cultural life of the United Kingdom; its languages, architecture, religion, philosophical views, art, and music.

Whether you are loyalist or republican, that cultural life is part of this Island’s great cultural heritage which you are a part of, surrounded by and invited to join, irrespective of your background – something the British (whether that’s Irish, Welsh, Scottish or English) have always been reticent and moderate in talking about – you should have and will have chances to enjoy all that the military has to offer. If you’re a spouse of a service member, your child or friend, or sibling may be serving, get involved, don’t miss the opportunity to have some great fun.

Even if you’re not part of the forces or a friend is serving, you can be a part of it too, as the majority of people who enjoy these event are not military.

Not only is our cultural heritage important per se (Why? Well it is a part of your identity and moral duty to learn and enjoy these events), it also gives you and your family great opportunities to celebrate events together, create ideas for get-togethers and parties at home and in your local community – specially if you live on the patch. It’s a great way to meet and make new friends, for you and your children.

We’re going to list the events for you in chronological order starting with January but focusing on the lesser know events and days rather than festivals like Easter. On that note, movable feasts change dates year on year (such as Easter) never falling on the same date but rather on the same day. In addition this is a list of British events, not celebrating exclusivity.

Furthermore, not all events are Bank Holidays (there’re only 8 official Bank Holidays while some years have extra such as a Royal Wedding or holidays in lieu if Christmas or New Year fall on a weekend) but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate something or take it as an excuse to have a party! However, some Regiments have holidays that are not enjoyed by the Public such as the Queen’s Official Birthday. So if you want more holidays get involved with the Armed Forces!

Just Click on a link below to take you to a page which will show you all the events for that month.













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