Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Campaign: Wear Your Poppy With Pride

By Harriet Phipps

They gave for you. Please sign for them. 
I would like your help & support, can you please pass this message on to all your colleagues, family’s, friends and any other contacts that could help me with my campaign.

Subject for debate – Should employees be allowed to wear a Poppy our National Symbol of Remembrance at work or not!

My name is Harriet and I’m 18 years old, back in November I changed the Employment Policy of an American clothing company because I was told I couldn’t wear my Poppy whilst at work. I am now on a mission to lobby the Government to look into this matter, so this embarrassing situation doesn’t happen to others in the future.

Please take a moment to look at my website and my petition, I do hope I can rely on your help & support as I need a 100,000 signatures or more to help make this petition work and be eligible for a debate in Parliament.

BBC Midlands Today covered my story on Monday 7th March, you can now watch it on my Website..
My campaign / petition and web site is now in full swing, the online petition is currently standing at 8,787 and I have over 1,000 signatures on my manual petition, a long way to go yet but I intend to hand deliver my petition to No. 10 personally.

Please help me by spreading the word as this is such an important and most sensitive issue to be addressed, don’t leave it to others please sign it today.

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