Thursday, May 19, 2011

Northern Ireland. Tough decisions have to be made but we need reconciliation

No one wants to see empty parks again
No one's denying the IRA were murderers and murdered many innocent people including many young soldiers who were victims of terrorism. But the Good Friday agreement happened, it was accepted. And we must all accept it unless we become like the current dissidents that cannot find it in themselves to accept peace. Yes, many killers were freed under that agreement but something had to be done.

It cannot also be denied that Northern Ireland has seen a period of peace and prosperity not had since before partition in 1922. And now who would have thought that in 2011 Queen Elizabeth would visit Croke Park and make a speech about past errors. No apologies of course, she doesn't do apologies but an admission that perhaps things should have been done differently. We all make mistakes, including the Irish - it is often forgotton that many within Ireland, Irish people did not want independance and the ensuing conflict was not entirely the fault of the English - themselves guilty of mistakes.
The important thing is reconciliation, now and for our children. And to find the idiot dissidents threatening to wage war on Ulster and the mainland for things they have no concept of and what 99% of people want in the British Isles: Peace.

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