Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's business at usual with Libya

Gulf War... we've been there and done it time and time again.
Yes we know it's getting a bit boring and most of us don't want to be involved in this conflict (afterall we've been involved in every major conflict this past 25 years AND had the Falklands War and Northern Ireland campaign at the same time) - our feelings are a conpunction not from left-wing political views nor dreamed up neo-socialism, but plain and simple weariness. The public, at least supporters of the armed forces and their familes, have suffered enough. But that's a whole different issue and debate.

The current one is that like it or not, we're involved in Libya and can't let the French do it (even if they did surely they'd make a mess of it at some point?) with the Austrians and Dutch. Not a great sound that is it.... Austrians and Dutch.

Foreign ministers from NATO countries are currently meeting in Berlin, amid differences among members over the air campaign to protect civilians in Libya. The UK and France have been pushing for other countries to increase military pressure on Col Muammar Gaddafi.

And rightly so. Basically for the things pointed out above - war weariness. Lets get other EU and NATO countries participating more and providing more logistics.

Let's just wait and see what transpires at this summit...

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